Sunday Service Begins at 10:00 AM
528 South Main Street, Muncy, PA 17756

About Hope Community Church in Muncy, PA


Hope Muncy is a campus of Hope Community Church.  Hope Community Church began in Loyalsock (Williamsport, PA) in 2004 with the purpose of reaching people for Christ and maturing those who believe in Him for their forgiveness of sin.  To aid in reaching and maturing people, Hope Community desires to grow churches who are people of God's Word, people of prayer, and people of Community.
To help fulfill this mission, in 2010, Hope Community planted her first campus church in Muncy.  This campus is referred to as Hope Muncy.  Hope Muncy exists for the same purpose - to reach people for Christ and mature those who believe in Jesus.  
Hope Community values the Sunday Service and meeting in small groups.  These small groups are called House Churches (HC) and are led by a male leader.  The purpose of each HC is to allow the group members to grow in close fellowship with one another.  This close fellowship allows several things to happen: 
  • It allows for personal spiritual growth as you learn what God's Word says and see it being worked out in the lives of those in the group.
  • It allows the group members to serve one another through the talents and gifts that each has been given.
  • It provides you the opportunity to do life together with others.  We believe God has designed us to live and grow in community.  This is where you will flourish the most.  Everyone at Hope is encouraged to be part of a House Church.

OUR MISSION: Hope Community Church focuses on reaching people for Christ and maturing each believer.

OUR VISION: The Vision of Hope Community Church is to grow churches who are people of the Word, prayer, and community.

Sunday Service: 10:00 am    -    528 South Main Street, Muncy, PA 17756 
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